A range of sweeteners extracted from the stevia plant

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Natural sweeteners based a natural source

Stevial® is Cristalco’s range of stevia sweeteners. Examples of French quality standards and knowhow, Stevial® offers high performance solutions to the product development of low- or zero-calorie beverages, confectionery, table sweeteners, chocolates and dairy products.

Sweet and healthy

When you choose Stevial®, you’re also selecting zero calories the 100% natural way – and a sweetening solution with 300 to 400 times the power of saccharose. Stevial® is obtained exclusively from the highest-quality stevia leaf extracts.

Customised solutions for every application

The Stevial® range is particularly well suited to the creation of stevia extract-based table sweeteners, whether in powder, tablet or liquid form.
Crisalco’s ingredients of Stevia are a major tool for reducing sugar in drinks, carbonated or not, and in a formulation that achieves your aromatic objectives.
The Stevial® range is also the ideal solution for the production of calorie-reduced confectionery (boiled sweets, jelly candies, gums, etc).

European quality levels guaranteed

Choosing Stevial® delivers an ingredient made in France sourced from European stevia leaves. The extracts are single extraction only and purified in a purpose-built factory, unique in Europe, by the standard-setting STEVIA NATURA company, a member of Eustas association. Its location guarantees a short and efficient supply chain that incorporates an integrated innovation laboratory.
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