Our raw materials are sourced from nature and we keep a wise and watchful eye over their processing.

Creative by nature
Committed by nature

Today, our sugar factories and distilleries are proud to have achieved exemplary and efficient resource management. Making your products even better, even more exceptional – beyond our beet-growing business – is our key objective. We achieve this by finding other resources – from sugar cane, wheat, stevia – that are tailored to your needs, while guaranteeing their traceability and reliability. We are committed to the people and supply chains that collaborate with us, and we stay true to our business ethics each and every day. Lastly, we ensure that we are always able to guarantee and preserve our products’ quality along their entire journey, until they are actually in your hands, through well-organized, high-performance logistics and delivery practices.

100 %
of natural origin.
Beetroot, stevia, wheat, alfalfa or cereal and wine substrates…100% of our products are of natural origin.
#1 lever of our industrial performance.
All our production sites are ISO 9001 (Quality Management) ISO 14001 (Environment) and ISO 50001 (Energy) certified. And our bioethanol is 2BSvs certified.
Just 500 grams
of waste per tonne of processed beet, through the full production cycle.
Sugar, alcohol, molasses, animal feed, bioethanol, CO2 for carbonated drinks, fertilising vinasse and soil slurry for irrigation...Nothing is wasted, everything is transformed to be reused.
Preserve our resources and protect the land.
When the soil receives the kind of care we give it, it returns the favour every season, year after year, and we want that to last!