Stevial® Infusion

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Refreshing drinks from a Stevia leaf infusion

Stevial® Infusion is a major innovation supporting the development of naturally sweetened, healthy, plant-derived beverages. Made from the leaves of Stevia Rebaudiana, it comes in a ready-to-use liquid form. Labeling is positive: “An infusion of Stevia leaves” – an infusion that is designed for a tea-like drink formulations or other hot or cold, instant, plant-derived drinks.

Water + leaves

An infusion of Stevia leaves is obtained simply by macerating them in water; the result contains organoleptic ingredients like natural aromas, vegetal sterols, flavonoids, etc. Solvents, additives or conserving ingredients are not needed.

A calorie-free sweetener

A Stevia infusion is 100% natural and calorie-free. It achieves a sweetening effect with 1g of infusion the equivalent of 2g to 4g of saccharose.

A clean-label infusion

Stevial® Infusion is categorised as an ingredient in Europe and is not regarded as a novel food.

Une infusion liquide

Stevial® Infusion is sold in liquid form; this facilitates incorporation and dosage in other liquids. Shelf-life is 12 months before opening. Packaging is offered in three sizes: 20l, 200l and 2000l.


Organic certification

Stevial® Infusion is also available with organic certification.

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