Sugar, alcohol and bioethanol have limitless potential. They inspire us, they inspire you.

True by nature
Reliable by nature

Always on a quest for the best solution, inventing new uses or new practices – this is what drives us. First, in developing our products and brands in ways that are as closely aligned as possible with new consumption habits and consistent with the most sustainable practices all have come to expect. Our leading brands – Daddy, Erstein, Eridania, Stevial – are now paving the way to this more responsible future. But we’re doing so much more. With every step we take, we search for the best solution: identify a new resource, a new transport option, a new way of doing things.  Everything we do is designed with our client’s needs and desires in mind, with unwavering focus on respecting all resources, natural and human. Our size means we are agile and remain responsive. Our corporate culture inspires us to do so at every moment. Less packaging, more organic, more natural-origin alternatives. Much remains for us to imagine together, provided that we always keep our feet on the ground.

Daddy is reinventing sugar every day.
“Clip, Clac!” sugar cubes, organic range, 100%-recyclable paper packaging: this is how we encourage pure sugar pleasure while preserving the planet’s resources.
In Aube, our Dislaub distillery
gives new life to used solvents and alcohols with a unique regeneration process that turns them into new, ready-to-use solvents and alcohols.
7.5 millions
fewer plastic bottles a year.
That’s the equivalent of the result of our switching from plastic to paper on the Daddy Profils range packaging.
1,000 hectares
farmed in 2020
compared to 10 experimental hectares in 2017. Pioneers of organic beetroot in France, our cooperative farmers have made Cristalco #1 in France for local organic white sugar.