We are down-to-earth, born of the soil, in the heart of France’s beet-growing and beet-loving regions.

Positive by nature
Creative by nature

Beet-growing has been our raison d’être since our inception. Naturally, we have always produced sugar from beets, with conviction and passion, helping France become a European leader in this sector. We are also a pioneer in Europe in manufacturing alcohol and bioethanol through our distillation of sugar syrups. We cultivate this land sustainably and respectfully, passing it down from generation to generation. Every form of expertise we possess has been patiently acquired and locally anchored, in our own sugar factories and distilleries, in an integrated supply chain. And always with this same passion, and without over-diversifying or betraying our original ambition.

40 %
The percentage of the French beet-growing land area
that is farmed by our cooperative farmers.
Our 10,000 cooperative farmers, sugar factories and distilleries in France
make our rural regions more dynamic, boosting the local economy and employment.
The number of years
we have been sustainably farming our sugar beets, while respecting the land and the people who nurture it.
to create products with certified origins.
In Europe, Cristalco markets a substantial portion of Mauritius’s white and brown sugar production and all that of Gardel, Guadeloupe’s leading cane sugar producer.