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The food and beverage industry encompasses everything from biscuit-making and food flavouring to wines and spirits – covering a vast array of needs that deserve made-to-measure solutions. Our offer includes rectified alcohols manufactured to the highest standards of taste, as well as a wealth of sugars for decorating, mixing and beautifying your products! Natural sweetener from Stevia leaves allow a calorie reduction and preserving sweetness.

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Essential Essential
A range of indispensable sugars for your applications • sweetening and bulking ingredients • granulated Cristal sugar • sugar Cristal Plus for beverage• Extra-white sugar • Liquid sugar
Star product
Essential Organic Essential Organic
Organic white sugars • from organic sugar beets • locally produced • 2 origins offered • from France or an European country
Soft & Crisp Soft & Crisp
A range of sugars for texture enhancement • caster and calibrated sugars • icing sugars • invert sugars • Trimoline® the best of microcrystallized invert sugars • pearls for crunchy texture
Sug'Art Sug'Art
A range of sugars for food decoration • for appealing shapes and colors • pearls • decorative icing sugars • calibrated sugars • fudges
Blend'it Blend'it
A range of sugars designed for dry blends • for pre-mixes and powdered foods and beverages • caster sugar • calibrated sugars sorted by size • icing sugars
Taste & Co Taste & Co
A range of selected brown sugars • from cane or beet  • dry brown sugars • soft sugars • liquid sugars • regular and organic grades • fairtrade available
Natural Alcohol Natural Alcohol
A range of superior quality ethyl alcohols • extra-neutral alcohols of 96° • surfin 96° • wheat-based premium Spirituelle® • organic surfin 96° • made in France
Star product
Spirituelle® Spirituelle®
The best of alcohols for premium vodkas et gins • wheat surfin 96° • the finest distillation from whole wheat of french origin  • GMO free
Stevial® Stevial®
A range of stevia solutions • extracts • infusion • leaves and cuts • blends • zero-calorie solutions • 100% of natural origin • made in France • leaves sourced locally
Star product
Stevial® Infusion Stevial® Infusion
Infusion of stevia leaves • a natural sweet taste ingredient • designed for plant-infused beverages • ready-to-use liquid ingredient • zero-calorie • clean-label • organic available
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