It’s our pioneering optimism. The spirit that moves us toward new horizons.

Our vision
True by nature

This is the spirit that, at the very start, combined and focused the energies of a group of cooperative farmers. The outlook that guided us from the very first beet. The one that helped us grow to become a leader in sugar, alcohol and bioethanol in Europe. We remain ever enthusiastic, ever enterprising, nurturing the spirit of progress, while remaining true to our roots and our nature. Optimism is what allows us to adapt, to change, to anticipate uses and challenges, to ceaselessly discover new things in all our market segments and for all our clients.

Creation of Sucre Union and Cristal Union, to be founded in 2000.
Men and women – all daring, resourceful trailblazers – establish the foundations of what will become France’s leader in beet sugar.
The number of testing and R&D platforms
in our territories to invent tomorrow’s increasingly sustainable growing practices.
Stevia Natura is born, a pioneer in stevia extraction in France.
A solvent-free manufacturing process is perfected to obtain an extremely pure, high-quality extract.
A sector pioneer since 2017,
we first introduced organic beet sugar commercially in early 2020. Today, there are 1,000 hectares of land planted for the next harvest.