by nature

Our value is your value. This is why it is so important to us to be close to you.

Reliable by nature
Our vision

As we ourselves come from agrifood, cosmetics and pharmaceutical backgrounds, our first commitment is to understand you, in depth. To grasp your economic and strategic challenges, your needs. To know what resources to muster, what quality to look for, what use or size to invent. And we can only do this by working closely with you, in a relationship based on trust, which is also the way our entire company operates. Our second commitment is service. Meet the right need, at the right time, in the right place. To be available, to be a pleasure to interact with. It’s in our nature. Our business is based on cooperation: we foster a spirit of partnership, one that lets us grow together.


We are also committed to the land: without it, there is no value.

It’s in our DNA.
To keep our commitments to our clients, we are constantly moving forward. During the COVID-19 health crisis, we adapted and reinvented our processes to urgently deliver exceptional orders of sugar and alcohol both in France and abroad.
Quality, packaging, turnaround times, invoicing, transport, customs
there is a solution to every problem. Each and every day, our Client Service teams are hard at work, mobilising every Group department to respond to the needs of our clients.
Quality, environment, safety, organic origin, ethics, sustainable purchasing.
We owe our clients much more than just products. To meet their needs, we pursue a continuous improvement policy that is regularly assessed by expert certification and accreditation entities.
Cristal Vision
Making our commitment to the Earth tangible and measurable.
This collection of standards, specific to the Cristal Union Group and recognised by the Sustainable Agricultural Initiative platform, makes it possible to assess, guarantee and prove to our clients the sustainability of our beet production.