1st EUROPEAN beet SUGAR & ALCOHOL with low GHG emissions,
developed from agroecology initiatives.

Let's beet the challenge together!

Transform your purchases into responsible acts of agroecological transition. Small step by step, we’re walking the path to cultivate positive change.

Stop postponing, start today. We’re ready to tackle big challenges with simple solutions now.

CHANGE to regenerative agriculture,
ACCELERATE the movement.

3 offers to act now

Reduce GreenHouse Gas (GHG)

Sugars & alcohols with some of the lowest GHG emissions on the market. Reach up to 40% less GHG emissions.

Change to regenerative agriculture

Sugars & alcohols from beets grown by farmers committed to agroecology.

Accelerate the movement

An holistic offer of sugars & alcohols from beets with some of the lowest GHG emissions on the market, from growers committed to regenerative agriculture. Get 40% less GHG emissions.

Discover pioneering
sustainable solutions

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