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The benefits of sugar to the cosmetics industry make them essential assets. Both white and brown sugars have unique mechanical and chemical properties that make them the perfect ingredients for natural beauty products.

SugarCare® advantages

Being inherently and entirely harmless to the skin is just one outstanding feature of SugarCare® products. In granulated form, their scrubbing and exfoliating properties, such as a certain stickiness, are singularly effective and ideal for depilatory products. In addition sugar is natural and since Cristalco’s is also non-GM, is more so – meaning extra clean-label claims instantly recognized by today’s critical consumer.
Last but not least, sugar is a natural sweetener, perfect for making lipsticks, balms and glosses nicer to use.

Sustainable and responsible

Our sugars are guaranteed of natural vegetal origin and non-GM while our beet sugar is grown in France according to sustainability standards recognized by the SAI platform. Find out more about our CSR commitments. Some of our brown sugars are also fair trade while none have been tested on animals.
Read more about our CSR commitment

Go for organic

Some of our cane and beet sugars are organically farmed while beet sugar is guaranteed of French origin. Contact us for more details.

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