Fermentation substrates from sugar beet

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Boost your fermentation with energy substrates

Fermentation energy substrates are widely used for yeasts and the production of amino acids and sugar and its derivatives, such as molasses. Sucrose is an easily assimilated form of energy that is part of sugar, molasses, virgin syrup and syrup from the secondary sugar process stream known as EP2. Cristalco supply all four of these types of substrate to the bio-industries.

The energy in sucrose

The sucrose molecule found in sugar and its co-products that provides the energy necessary for the growth of microorganisms. Sucrose is found in the following materials available to the bio-industry.
CRISTAL sugar conforms to European quality category No. 2 and to the world standard.
– In addition to sucrose, sugar beet molasses provide other nutrients and minerals. Molasses are a syrupy co-product of beet-sugar crystallization.
Virgin syrup is sugar-rich and is produced prior to crystallization.
EP2 is a sugar-rich syrup that emerges from the second crystallization stream that occurs in sugar refineries. Its characteristics are in between those of a virgin syrup and those of molasses.

Sourcing and guarantees

Cristalco sugar and its co-products are made in France. Multi-site production ensures reliable delivery. Our products are guaranteed non-GM.

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