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Feed is not just about energy – it’s also about taste

Sweetness is attractive to animals, so sweet-tasting foods are added to rations that mask less appreciated flavors. Called essential palatability factors, they are suitable for both herbivores and omnivores, among others. Appetite boosters are widely used in pet food.
Sugar and natural sweeteners like Stevia provide the sugary taste needed to make sure your feed goes down well. They are used for livestock farming but also for pests.


Of natural origin, sugar is widely used as a palatability agent. Cristalco guarantees Cristal sugar in quality category No. 2 certified by the Feed Chain Alliance (FCA).


Our Stevial® offer for animal feed consists of Stevia extracts and crushed, dehydrated leaves.
Stevia extracts are fully documented appetite boosters for animals.
Crushed, dehydrated Stevia leaves can be added to horse fodder to increase consumption.

French sourcing and guarantees

Cristalco sugar and derivatives are made in France.
The Feed Chain Alliance certification (FCA) allows us to guarantee sugar that is animal feed compliant.
Stevia extracts and dehydrated leaves are made in France from leaves sourced in Europe.
Our products are non-GM and allergen-free.

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