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Surfin alcohol for cosmetics applications

CosmEthyl® is a range of TBA Bitrex denatured alcohols covering both Surfin 96° and Surfin 99°, specifically developed for cosmetic applications and widely used for them.

The high organoleptic quality as well as the exceptional purity of our alcohols in our Surfins range complies with the strictest professional standards in a cosmetics sector dedicated to excellence.

CosmEthyl® is a must-have for the design of cosmetic products meeting CE 1223/2009 standards, such as:

– Face care products (moisturizing cream, aftershave lotions, etc),

– Hair care products (hair spray, shampoo, etc),

– Body care products (deodorants, sun protection, etc),

– Beauty care products (hair color, make-up, etc).

CosmEthyl® has properties that make it an excellent asset in formulation: natural preservative, refreshing agent, sun filter and active ingredients solubilizer.

A recognized formulation

CosmEthyl® is a denatured alcohol using a formulation of tertio butyl alcohol (0.1%) and denatonium benzoate (10 ppm). This formulation is also known worldwide as TSDA-1, SDA40 or DEB100

Attestations and certifications

All our products are made from French sustainable agricultural raw materials. They are guaranteed GMO-free and have been certified to the most advanced quality standards, including BSE/TSE, no tests on animals, allergens, CMR, nanomaterials, etc.

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