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Biocidal® - The disinfectant for hygiene professionals

Biocidal® is the disinfectant and anti-microbial tool par excellence. An ethyl alcohol, it is the ideal basis for the formulation of biocides such as hydro-alcoholic gels, handcare hygiene and medical antiseptics.
Biocidal® alcohols are natured and denatured Surfin 96° and Surfin 99° alcohols obtained from agricultural sources. The very high purity of Biocidal® makes it possible to guarantee formulations that have the stability and effectiveness required in biocidal substances.

Biocide regulations

Cristalco is an active member of ASD Consortium Alcohol. The Consortium is guarantor of Cristalco with respect to the European Agency for Chemical Products as a supplier of ethanol utilised in the form of an active biocide conforming to Article 95(1) of EU regulation 528/2012. This refers to:
– Products intended for human hygiene purposes
– Disinfectants and algicides not for direct application on humans and animals
– Disinfectants for surfaces coming into constant contact with foodstuffs for humans and animals.

Key labels

Ecocert, Ecodetergent and COSMOS Natural are certifications that allow you to commercialise your naturally-sourced hygiene products around the world.
Biocidal® alcohols give you the guarantee required to display them with confidence on your product labels. Our alcohols are essentially of natural origin and the result of natural resource-use management in production and transmission that respects the environment-friendly values driving our priorities.

French origins and guarantees

Biocidal® alcohols are exclusively the result of distilling sustainable raw materials produced in France. Our advanced-technology distilleries produce the alcohols under the strictest physico-chemical and organoleptic conditions. In addition the shared systems deployed across our three production sites – all of them approved for biocide raw materials and processing – ensure uninterrupted production under all circumstances.

Service first: remarkable logistics

Cristalco delivery is always carefully tailored to customer requirements: in bulk (30,000 litres) or in packaging of from 10 to 1000 litres. We transport by road, river or by sea for fast, timely delivery.
Finally, we provide individual customs procedures support reinforced by our distribution network and Cristalco international representation, ensuring your order will be fulfilled in the shortest possible time.


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