Stevial® Infusion

Unique friendly-label sweet taste innovation


Stevial has developed an infusion of Stevia rebaudiana leaves, with a sweetening power equivalent to 2 to 4 times the sucrose and a perfect natural taste.
Obtained by soaking leaves in hot water,this infusion is to be used in botanicals based beverages such as floral infusion and gives a perfect taste and sweeteness in a natural and healthy wa

Statut réglementaire

Regulatory status

Stevial® Infusion has an ingredient status in Europe. It has a simple and clear labelling “Stevia leaf infusion”. In other words, it’s doesn’t have a E. number conversely to Stevia extracts, and not a novel food.

It is sold in a liquid form which facilitate incorporation and dosage in another liquid. The shelf-life is 6-month before opening. Three sizes of bags are proposed to fit end-product manufacturers’ size: 20L, 200L or 2000L bags in boxes.


Le + Cristalco

– 100% natural.
– Clean Label: ingredient status
– Sweetness: 1 G of infusion equals to 2 to 4 g of sucrose
– Zero calorie
– Leaf infusion in water only
– Ready-to-use liquid form

Also the Stevial Infusion is available in organic quality.



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