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Bioethanol is a biofuel that releases solar energy captured by plants during their growth. The CO2 released during its combustion was captured photosynthetically by the plant from the atmosphere. As renewable energy, biofuel is aimed at reducing the carbon footprint of conventional gasoline and related fuels by reducing their dependence on fossil sources, thereby facilitating the energy transition. It plays this role across the complete spectrum of commercialised fuels in France:

E10 (SP95)

in lead-free gasoline; up to 10% maximum

E5 (SP95 and SP98)

In lead-free gasoline; up to 5% maximum


Fuel containing between 65% and 85% ethanol by volume and suitable for “Flexifuel” vehicles, i e vehicles suited to both gasoline and superethanol.


Ethanol fuels for commercial vehicles such as trucks, buses and specialist vehicles (ambulances, etc) with modifed engines.

The European Union is aiming to develop the use of biofuels by encouraging their production and commercialisation in accordance with specific criteria operating in terms of biofuels obtained agriculturally. In France, the fuel industry raised its biofuel incorporation target for the transport industry to 8.2% of renewables. As a major player in the French market, Cristalco offers its customers both “conventional” and “advanced” bioethanol.

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