Bioethanol is a biofuel for petrol engines. At Cristalco, all our bioethanol is produced using responsible and sustainable farming practices. This means our products always measure up to your highest standards in terms of quality and meet all current regulations in the biofuel sector – including customs requirements.

Our bioethanol is a pure anhydrous ethanol comprised of a dehydrated alcohol (or absolute alcohol) with less than 1% water.


Of a European leader

  • 3rd European producer
  • 400,000 m3 produced annually  
  • A major network of industrial plants
  • 3 distilleries
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With unparalleled flexibility

Our logistics are designed to operate quickly and efficiently – and in line with each customer’s needs. 

The way we deliver your bioethanol is up to you: by road (storage tanks of 35 to 38 m3), by rail (isolated carriages or entire trains of 1000 to 1400 tonnes) or by sea (ships and barges of 2000 to 5000 tonnes).

Thanks to our port storage facilities and production sites, we are equipped to answer all your delivery needs throughout France and Europe.

And as a bonus, we offer personalised support to facilitate customs procedures.

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For an even more sustainable future

Our BioEthanol is produced exclusively for use in fuels. It is primarily intended to be incorporated in four types of petrol:

  • SP95-E10 (unleaded petrol containing up to 10% bioethanol), 
  • SP95-E5 (unleaded petrol containing up to 5% bioethanol),
  • Superethanol-E85 (a fuel with 65% to 85% bioethanol in volume that can be used in flexible-fuel vehicles capable of running on petrol or E85).
  • Sustainable BioEthanol can also be mixed with isobutylene to produce ETBE (Ethyl tert-butyl ether). This can then be used in fuels such as SP98 unleaded, which can contain up to 22% ETBE.

All our products are certified sustainable thanks to our commitment to the 2BSvs voluntary scheme, a standard recognised by the European Commission. 

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