Brand new paper bags for BtoB dry sugars

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The will to improve drives us.


We are proud to present our new paper bags for BtoB sugars. The evolution of our paper bags meets 3 objectives:


–  Choose more sustainable materials: kraft paper will remplace progressively white paper.


– Protect the product while improving food safety. For products that are sensitive to moisture, a protective film (Free-film)  is now bluish instead of being transparent.


– Inform more the users thanks to a QR code. Information about the products, specifications, and CSR results are available.


5kg, 10kg, 20kg, 25kg bags and 50kg are concerned by this evolution.

Quality of sugars and our commitments are unchanged.

Implementation is on going and will last several months in 2022.


Please contact Cristalco representatives for any question you may have. Thanks