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At Cristalco, we provide you with sugar, alcohol and bioethanol. But we also do a whole lot more.

Our goal is to help you go further, grow bigger and do things differently. How ? By supporting you wherever you need us...

- Go further : we help you explore new terrain ahead of the competition by continually anticipating emerging trends and identifying new developments.

- Grow bigger : we accompany you on all 5 continents and connect you with reliable partners as you enter new markets.

- Do things differently : we use your expertise as a basis to design new products and services that suit you...

Offering you fully customised tools, advice and strategies.

Through our expertise and creativity,
we extend your potential.
Through our energy and agility,
we drive your performance.
It’s this unique combination
that we call “Smart Pulse”.

Our three key values keep us positive, flexible and results-oriented.


We make sure our actions always measure up to your expectations and are aligned with your growth and development strategy.


We build our partnerships around sharing knowledge and complementing each other’s expertise – uniting our strengths to go further together.


We dare to integrate new developments, rethink solutions and challenge the status quo to offer you innovative solutions that deliver results.

CRISTALCO, it is also in SOME FIGURES...

Global Dimension

1500 Customers benefit
from our Smart Pulse approach

70 Countries are served by
the CristalCo network

1.5 Billion
in turnover

2 Million tonnes
of sugar

7 Million hectolitres of
alcohol and bioethanol


N°1 sugar supplier for the French food industry

N°1 "sweet taste" provider on French supermarket shelves (Daddy and Erstein)

N°2 agricultural alcohol operator in Europe

N°3 bioethanol operator in Europe

Committed across the whole value chain

All our products are grown naturally. We are proud of our relationship with the 10,000 sugar beet farmers who make up the Cristal Union and Lesaffre Frères cooperatives. Through their hard work, our sugar beet is farmed responsibly and sustainably, and we continue to be a pillar of French agribusiness in terms of both ethics and performance. Like our sugar, our alcohol and bioethanol products are also naturally produced – and, across our entire business, our strategy sits hand-in-hand with our social and environmental responsibilities.


Welcome to a world without limits

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  • 15Production sites
  • 10 000Cooperators & beet growers
  • 40%of France’s total
    beet acreage
  • 11Sugar industry
  • 5Distilleries
  • 3Storage sites

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