Detergence & Chemistry

Our range of extra-neutral rectified alcohols (REN) has been developed to meet the needs of manufacturers specialized in the design and production of household detergent products (Homecare), screenwash (CarCare), disinfectant (Personal Care). It is also used as organic reagents in the chemical industry.

Premium alcohols made in France

The exceptional physicochemical quality of our alcohol helps our REN range, to meet the needs and the requirements of professionals operating in areas as various as those related to consumer markets, or those specialized in strictly industrial and chemical applications.

Exceptional production capacity

The power of Cristalco production relies on industrial multi-site facilities with great flexibility, able to meet the requirements for production of high amplitude, and strong seasonality. The online denaturation service allows treatment of a very important volume within extremely short deadlines.

Technical properties and quality of alcohol for a variety of needs

Produced from sustainable agricultural raw materials, our agricultural REN offer the ideal solution for formulations of products labelled 'sustainable', while participating in the effort of GHG reduction and limiting the carbon footprint associated with industrial activities. The range is completed by a specific offer of technical and industrial recycled alcohol of high-purity, from of the regeneration of alcohols used as solvents. For a circular and sustainable industry.

Reliable service to match your expectations

Cristalco offers you a customised service for any type of delivery requirements, whether bulk (30,000 litres) or specific packaging (10 to 1,000 litres). Our alcohol can be sent by truck or by vessel in order to guarantee the fastest delivery to meet your deadlines. 

We can also offer you a support for your customs procedures, and our distribution and sales office network stands ready to serve you worldwide.


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