Your sustainable partner for pharmaceutical alcohol solutions

PharmEthyl® is the benchmark for applications using alcohol as Starting Materials

PharmEthyl®: two ranges designed to meet the most stringent regulations and highest standards of the pharmaceutical industry and biotechnologies.

A PharmEthyl® Standard range produced by batch and analysed according to European, American or Japanese pharmacopoeia. 

A PharmEthyl® GMP range that guarantees production and packaging at GMP-certified plants, in accordance with the principles of good manufacturing practice for active substances.

Exceptional technical properties and alcohol quality

When you choose PharmEthyl®, you get the guarantee of all quality certificates from the most standard to the most specific (BSE/TSE, Allergens, ICH Q3C & ICH Q3D, etc.).
Made from sustainable agricultural raw materials, PharmEthyl® products are guaranteed GMO-free and certified Kosher.

Reliable service to match your expectations

Cristalco offers you a customised service for any type of container requirements, whether bulk (30,000 litres) or specific packaging (10 to 1,000 litres). Our alcohol shipments are sent by land, river or sea to guarantee the fastest delivery to meet your deadlines. 

Customised support is available to assist you with your customs formalities if necessary, and our distribution and sales office network stands ready to serve you worldwide.

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