The benchmark for premium vodkas

Developed by Cristalco for premium vodka producers, Spirituelle® is a Surfin 96° whole-wheat alcohol intended for leading spirits manufacturers.

French-made quality

Exclusively distilled from a selection of French wheat, Spirituelle® is an alcohol of great purity offering a unique round taste and French touch to premium vodka production.

Exceptional technical properties and alcohol quality

Spirituelle® is an extremely pure alcohol produced from agricultural raw materials according to the strictest environmental standards. It is guaranteed GMO-free, and certified Kosher.

Reliable service to match your expectations

Cristalco offers you a customised service for any type of delivery requirements, whether bulk (30,000 litres) or specific packaging (10 to 1,000 litres). Our alcohol shipments are sent by truck or vessel in order to guarantee the fastest delivery to meet your deadlines. 

We can also offer you a support for your customs procedures, and our distribution and sales office network stands ready to serve you worldwide.

THE benchmark

Spirituelle® offers spirits producers the best the market has to offer, to make and launch their premium vodka range.

In just a few years, it has become the worldwide benchmark.

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