Blend'it® - sugars for mixes

Even better blended!

Blend'it® offers you a wide range of dry and liquid sugars to mix in your bakery products, pastries, drinks, milk powders, intermediate preparations or flavourings.

Blend and enjoy!

With Blend'it, there’s no end to your choices and flavours.
Its unique innovations make the sky the limit!

  • From caster to fine sugar Our vast range of grain sizes offers delicious options for instant hot and cold drinks, as well as liquid or dry mixtures for sauces and bakery products.
  • Even finer sugars
    Our icing sugars are made for mixtures with no nanoparticles, ready-to-use and without anti-caking agents if you prefer. They are meant for bakery/pastry mixtures and are perfect for macarons, fondant icing or sprinkling.
  • From liquid to invert sugars
    What’s great about all our sugars, from cane or sugar beet depending on your needs, is that they are ready-to-use.
    They make the ideal base for flavour extracts or cocktails, slushes and smoothies.

Cristalco smart points- Blend'it, a brand of the Cristalco group, can offer you a wide range of grain sizes (with tight control of size distribution) and a choice of solutions with or without anti-caking agents.

- Our products are guaranteed without nanoparticles and are ready to use, without prior dissolution or grinding.

- What’s more, our range has adapted density and viscosity as well as specific inversion rates.

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