On March 20th, 2020

Cristal Union responds to support the solidarity effort in the context of an unprecedented health crisis.

In solidarity with all the health professionals engaged in the front line in the fight against the coronavirus COVID-19, the cooperative group Cristal Union mobilized by making 4,000 surgical masks available to the hospital of Châlons in Champagne, which redistributed them to other hospitals in the region. Cristal Union is in direct contact with the managers of the Grand Est Region as well as with hospitals and pharmacies throughout France to respond as best as possible to the various needs of healthcare personnel and the medical profession.

The Cristal Union Group has also temporarily stopped part of its bioethanol production in favor of ethyl alcohol production in order to meet the rapidly growing demand for biocides.

With an increasingly rapid spread of the Covid-19 virus, the Cristal Union Group has decided to stop the production of bioethanol at the Arcis sur Aube distillery, which has a capacity of 7,000 hl/d, to redirect its production towards ethyl alcohol, labelled BIOCIDAL® and PharmEthyl®. The Group produces this alcohol (ethyl alcohol of superfine quality at 96 and 99°) to serve the needs of the hygiene and biocides industries.

Cristal Union delivers to its customers by 30,000-litre tanker from three sites in the Far East: Arcis sur Aube (10), Cristanol in Bazancourt (51) and Dislaub in Buchères (10). The latter has a packaging workshop capable of meeting the needs of pharmacies, in 1,000-litre containers, 200-litre drums and 10 to 20-litre cans.

"Since the end of January, we have quintupled our production of pharmaceutical and biocidal alcohol to supply health services. We are improving our yields to further increase our production. " said Olivier de Bohan, Chairman of the Cristal Union Group.  He also declared: "the Government has reaffirmed the strategic nature of our agricultural and agri-food sectors, which are recognized as being of public utility in feeding the population, recalling that health and food are the two main concerns of our fellow citizens. The agricultural world is mobilized to respond to these crucial issues. In this context of health crisis, through the sugar and alcohol produced by our members, our cooperative group is more than ever ready to take up these challenges. Beyond our vocation to respond to food issues, it is our agricultural and industrial responsibility to ensure the continuity of activity both in the fields and at our production and shipping sites, in order to continue to supply all our customers".

Group profile:  Cristal Union is France's leading bioethanol producer and Europe's 3rd largest with a production of 600,000 m3 per year on 3 production sites.

Communiqué de presse de Cristal Union du 16 mars 2020

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