INNOVATION for the Food Service and Bakery-Pastry sector, Trimoline in 2kg!

Cristalco expands its range with a more practical offer of inverted sugar, dedicated to the Food Service and Bakery-Pastry professionals.

Cristalco adds to its range Soft&Crisp® a new packaging of 2 kg for the Trimoline (also known as Nevuline), iconic brand of inverted sugar from Erstein, France. As a technical sugar used for its multiples properties, it has anti-crystallizing function, improves the soft texture, enhances the Maillard reaction and fixes flavours. This packaging size meets a critical market demand that wants smaller packaging size, fitted to the new uses of the catering professionals.

New Trimoline 2kg

Smart CristalcoA packaging size adapted to the needs of artisans, easier to use and to store.

Find all your solutions sugars for the texture of your products in our range Soft&Crisp®!

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