Stevial® Blend

Ready to use mix of stevia extract and other ingredients

With Stevial® Blend, we mix for you our stevia extract with your other ingredients to create a blend ready and easy to use.  From a mixing technology specific to Stevial Blend®, the stevia extract is fixed to the other phase of the blend, avoiding any phase separation.
Create your mixes depending on your needs…

  • of steviol rebaudioside concentration (Reb A 60, Reb A 98).
  • of sweetening intensity (1, 2, 3 to 5 times the equivalent of sucrose).
  • of other ingredients (sugar, erythritol, maltodextrine, inuline, agave…).

Co-design with us for tailor-made solutions, or use one of our existing mixes of Stevial Blend® :

  • Stevial Blend Crystal : mix of stevia extract Reb A 60 and erythritol (different sweetening intensity equivalence available).
  • Stevial Blend Sugar: mix of stevia extract Reb A 60 and sugar (different sweetening intensity equivalence available).

Smart Stevial® Blend:- Stable mixes.
- Ready to use, consistent and adjustable sweetening intensity.
- Possibility of tailor-made mixes according to your specific needs.

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