Stevial® Pharma

Stevia extract USP grade for pharmaceutical applications

Stevial® Pharma is our grade of stevia extract dedicated to pharmaceutical applications. Following the United States Pharmacopoeia, (USP), our extract is also registered at the Drug Master File for Excipients grade (EMF). As such, it can be used as an excipient for drug formulations, this extract being the purest of all our ranges: 

  • Stevial Pharma Reb A Pur: mix of Steviol Glycosides at 95% minimum purity, from which more than 98% of Rebaudioside A

Available in powder or granulated form, Stevial® Pharma is suitable for pharmaceutical applications including drugs formulation, nutrition or food supplements, either to be compressed or diluted.

Smart Stevial® Pharma:- Extract compliant to the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP).
- Registered at the Excipient Drug Master File (DMF Type 4).
- More than 98% of rebaudioside A.

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