Stevial® Classic

Stevia extract with consistent EU quality, 95% minimum purity.

Stevial Classic® is part of our ranges of Stevia extract compliant with the European quality chart of analysis. Different types of stevia extract are available, depending on your needs and your applications:

  • Stevial Classic STG : mix of Steviol Glycosides with 95% of minimum purity
  • Stevial Classic Reb A 60: mix of  Steviol Glycosides with 95% of minimum purity, of which 60% of Rebaudioside A
  • Stevial Classic Reb A 98: mix of  Steviol Glycosides with 95% of minimum purity, of which 98% of Rebaudioside A

These products are available in powder, granulated or liquid form(except Reb A 98). Stevial Classic® is the answer for many applications such as soft drinks, confectioneries, dairy products, cosmetics, nutrition or even animal feed.   

Smart Stevial Classic®:- Extraction and purification made in France, consistent quality all year long.
- In-house laboratory performing analysis meeting the European quality standards.
- A minimum of 95% of purity in Steviol glycoside with consistent Reb A ratio.

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